Back to the Ol’ Blog…but Why?

So here it is, almost ten months (gasp) since my last post on this blog. So what inspired me to cough up the cash to reserve my little acre of the Internet so as to keep regaling you with my reflections? Here are a few of the reasons…

1. I just couldn’t let X-ing A Paragrab become a ‘goldfish’ blog (a blog that its creator becomes bored with, stops “feeding”, and lets die.) I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I think it’s been more due to the blog’s format (more on that later) than to lack of interest. Also, I don’t like to fall back on the “I don’t have time” argument, but especially in recent months I have had to give some things a higher priority than X-ing (shocking, I know).

2. Keeping the blog helps keep me honest and encourages me to lead as authentic a life as possible. In order to have things to write about, I have to go out and DO and EXPERIENCE things. I think that one of the problems with the society we live in is that so much of our time is spent on being spectators rather than participants. In my opinion, the habit of watching rather than doing makes people more passive and less likely to instigate change, either in their own lives or in the world in general. I think you can definitely see the effects of these habits in the current status of the Presidential race (a sorry state of affairs, if you ask me) and in the pop-culture climate of today (can reality TV get any trashier? That’s a statement, not a challenge). I also will go so far as to say that I believe that the powers that be WANT a population of passive, brain-dead sheeple which will serve their own need for unlimited power and influence. So to me, getting involved and engaged is an act of civil disobedience, and this blog is part of it.

3. Generation X has gotten the short end of the stick since the day we were born (literally). In our youth we were insulted for being “slackers” and blamed for rising crime rates (remember “super-predators?”). In adulthood, we’ve borne the brunt most of the financial collapses since the 1990s; we’re virtually overlooked by the media as well. Without getting into too much generation-bashing, I believe that Gen X needs more of a voice, even if it is a voice crying out in the (Internet) universe.

4. Between crocheting, jewelry making, cosplaying, historical reenacting, fitness and reading, I just don’t have enough hobbies. Just kidding. This space gives me a place to write about those things.

5. The breakup format had problems and I want to fix those. First, the scope was too narrow. Second, and more important, I was getting tired of the negative aspect of breakups (I will stop doing something bad, hopefully forever) and I would rather focus the blog on positive change.

As I said, these are a few of the reasons I have decided to breath new life into this blog. Stay tuned for more!

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